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Pool Maintenance

Weekly Pool Maintenance Includes:

  • Brushing Walls & Floor
  • Vacuuming & Netting
  • Clean Filter & Baskets
  • Balance Water Chemistry
  • Basic Chemicals Included
  • Palm Beach, Broward, & Miami Area 

Our consistent weekly pool maintenance includes everything mentioned above and all your basic pool chemicals like chlorine (tablets and shock), cyanuric acid (chlorine stabilizer), pH up or down, alkalinity increaser (baking soda). Plus we inspect all filter equipment and the pool itself to make sure everything is working properly. We will keep your pool looking crystal clear!

               (Monthly price may vary due to pool size and location)

               (Start up fees may apply depending on water quality)

Beautiful view from one of our accounts.

Upgrades, Extras, & More !!

Upgrades and extras can be added to a pool at any point! Whether you want to add a salt system, heater, PVC install, main drains, extra return jets, lights, protective foam/armor guards, deep end, put a border around your pool, or even bury it in the ground we can accommodate you. Pricing depends on the size of the pool.

Additional/Optional Charges

Leveling Ground Includes:                 $20 to $40/inch

  • Clear ground of grass or debris
  • First 4 inches of off level free

PVC Install Includes:                                         $200

  • Replace hoses with schedule 40 PVC
  • Install union ball valves
  • Up to 10 ft from pool (Extra pipe cost $8/ft)

Dual Main Drain Install Includes:                   $350

  • Separate union ball valve
  • Main drains installed 3 ft apart

Extra Return Jet Install Includes:                    $250

  • Seperate union ball valve
  • Jet installed opposite the other jet

PVC Package Includes:                             $500 - $700

  • PVC Install
  • Dual Main Drain Install
  • Extra Return Jet Install
  • BEST DEAL! Cut Down Maintenance. 

Standard Deep Center/End Includes:   $175 to $450

  • Max Depth 10" 

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