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In Ground Vinyl Liner Pool

In Ground Pool Vinyl Liner Installation


When replacing an in ground pool's vinyl liner, the job itself can be completed in just 5 to 7 days of actual labor. We first come out to get an idea of what the in ground vinyl liner pool requires. This may include work such as plumbing repairs, decking repairs, wall repairs,  floor repairs, bead receiver track repairs, stair/ladder repairs, motor repairs, and/or filter repairs. After an estimate is prepared and agreed upon we will then come out and measure the dimensions of the in ground pool to custom order your new liner. You can choose your new liner from a wide variety of patterns, and thicknesses ranging from 25 mil to 30 mil. When first arriving to perform the labor on any in ground vinyl liner pool we remove the  old lining and/or any debris or vegetation in the pool. The walls, floor, inlets, outlets, and any stairs or ladders are thoroughly cleaned and sealed. Any repairs are done as needed as the inlet (skimmer & main drain) and outlet (return jets) areas are prepped for installation. We then apply 1/4 inch thick foam to the wall using spray adhesive. A shop vac is set up to aid in getting the proper fit for the liner as are two or three baby pools to cut down on time filling the pool. The liner is then carefully unfolded and aligned perfectly to ensure zero wrinkles. Finally the new liner is popped into position by putting the bead into place along the bead receiver tracking. The shop vac is then turned on and the pool is filled using the garden hose from the house and the water pumped from the baby pools. As this is done all wrinkles are pulled out and the inlets and outlets are installed. All trash is picked up and an explanation of proper care and maintenance is given to the customer.

  • prior to work being done
    Simple Inground Liner Change
  • locking in the liner
    Here you see us installing the bead lock to lock the liner bead in place.
  • filling up the pool with hose
    Filling up
  • finished product after treating
prior to work being done
Simple Inground Liner Change