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Above Ground Pool Liner Installation

Above Ground Pool Liner Installation

On a basic above ground pool liner installation we first remove the old liner and any debris or vegetation in the pool. While this is being done the top rails and stabilizer bars are removed if no bead receiver is present. Small patch work to the wall is also done if needed and any extra sand or foam can be brought in also if necessary. The ground is then smoothed, poisoned, and compacted prior to the new liner being installed. All other parts are then put back on while any wrinkles are removed from the liner. Garbage will also be bagged up in heavy duty garbage bags for easy disposal by the customer. All of our work comes with a one year labor warranty. Product is not included. The prices below are for labor only. Call us to get prices on pools, liners, and other products.

Round Pools

8' Liner Change......$425

12' Liner Change.......$450

15' Liner Change.......$475

18' Liner Change.......$500

21' Liner Change.......$550

24' Liner Change......$600

27' Liner Change......$650

30' Liner Change.....$750

33' Liner Change......$800

Oval Pools

8' x 12' Liner Change.......$500

10' x 18' Liner Change.......$525

12' x 17' Liner Change........$525

12' x 20' Liner Change......$550

12' x 24' Liner Change.......$600

15' x 26' Liner Change.......$650

15' x 30' Liner Change.......$700

18' x 33' Liner Change.......$800

18' x 45' Liner Change.......$1000

21' x 45' Liner Change........$1200

The aboveground pool you see in the pictures above is a 24 foot round aboveground pool. The customer called us out to replace the liner and unfortunately his pool had partially collapsed due to the pool being buried with no retainer wall to support the weight of the earth around the pool. Aboveground pools are not made to be buried below ground but many customers choose to anyway. If it is buried more than 2 feet, a retainer wall is recommended to be built around the perimeter of the pool in order to retain the weight of the earth surrounding the pool. If it is not then the risk of a collapse is possible when the pool is emptied. Fortunately for the customer above we were able to repair the pool without having to replace any other parts. Buried aboveground pools without retainer walls are extremely dangerous when empty and the area should be avoided. Most aboveground pool liner installations are fairly easy for us but occasionally we run into problems such as this one. But it's nothing we've never seen before! Call us with any questions or repairs you need done on your aboveground pool liner.

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