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  As we experience the changes in our community and across the world we continue to provide our customers with quality products and services. Above The Rest Pools remains South Florida's longest standing above ground pool installation and in ground vinyl liner pool repair installers/experts.  As a locally owned family operated business we take pride in our work and reputation. We have 20 plus years of experience perfecting above ground pool installations, above ground pool liner installations, and in ground vinyl liner pool repairs. Our area includes Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe County, and even across state and national borders in past circumstances. Recently we entered our fifth year of doing weekly pool maintenance (All Clear Services LLC) in the tri-county area (Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade). But we have recently consolidated our weekly pool maintenance to include some of Northern Miami-Dade county, most of Broward county, and areas in Southern Palm Beach county. 

When it comes to above ground pools or in ground vinyl liner pools, Above The Rest Pools is the alpha and the omega! We can sell you the product, install it, maintain it, and repair or replace it when necessary. When you compare the price, quality, care, expertise, and complete customer service, no one can compete. We include a two year full warranty with every product sold and installed by us. We also provide you all the manufacturer warranties and give a full explanation of how to properly maintain the pool should you decide to care for it yourself. We stand by our word, our work, and strive to make customer satisfaction our number one priority.  Check us out on Google and Facebook

We perform hundreds of above ground pool installations, above ground pool liner installations every year, as well as dozens of in ground vinyl liner pool repairs.  If your pool is leaking, chances are we can find the hole and patch it or if need be replace the liner. If your above ground pool is collapsed, damaged, rusty, missing parts, or even all the above, there is a good chance we can repair it, install a new liner, and have it looking like new within a day. Call us to schedule an installation or for more info, pics, or videos of products and services available.

With an installation from Above The Rest Pools, you get the best and with our weekly pool 

maintenance we will keep your pool All Clear!

Above Ground Pool Installation      

      Basic Above Ground Pool Installation Includes:             

  • Leveling of pool site within 1/2 inch grade
  • Delivery of 1 inch thick sand base for pool bottom
  • Installation of the following:
    A. Support Structure, Wall, Top Panels, & Caps                  B. Vinyl Liner (Flat Bottom)
    C. Filtration System
  • Explanation of filter system and chemicals

       Sales        Pool Maintenance

  • Pools             Weekly Pool Maintenance Includes:
  • Liners            Brushing Walls and Floor
  • Motors          Vacuuming and Netting
  • Filters            Clean Filter and Baskets
  • Heaters          Balance Water Chemistry 
  • Salt Systems   Basic Chemicals Included          
  • And More!    Serving the South Florida Area        

Above Ground Pool Liner Installation

       Basic Above Ground Liner Installation Includes:

  • Remove old liner, debris, and/or any other vegetation
  • Addition of up to 1 barrel of sand if needed
  • Patch and repair minor wall damage 
  • Replace hardware if needed
  • Smooth floor and spray herbicide 
  • New above ground pool liner installation

Upgrades, Extras, and More!

Upgrades and extras can be added to a pool at any point! Whether you want to add a salt system, heater, PVC install, main drains, extra return jets, lights, deep end, put a border around your pool, or even bury it in the ground we can accommodate you. When you purchase any product from Above The Rest Pools we provide a 2 year full service warranty!